Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wordless Wednesday-Lion's Toy

My New Job

I recently started a new job as a Personal Care Attendant for a boy with ADHD. It's a good job, and really easy right now since he has soccer for the time I'm with him after school.
Well, today I was watching him at his game when it started to rain. Naturally, I stood by the nearest tree (which didn't help any). Unfortunately, this tree happened to have a type of moss on it that, when wet, smelled an awefull lot like butt.
Normally, I can stand unpleasant smells. But, it sort of gets to me when I start to pick up these odors.
Of coarse, my mom found this funny beyond all belief, making me tell this story to all her friends.
Curse you, Wet Butt Tree.